Dick Harper designed the first ever, fast, catamaran hull "party boat" in 1984, several years ahead of any competitors.
      The harper hastia combined a new, high efficiency hull shape with standard twin outboards for performance, stability, and smooth handling. The boat also had sculptured teak and stainless steel grab rails, dazzling full hull graphics and "all the extras." At a time when most boats had an option list longer than the local phone book, the harper hastia was to ship fully found, ready to launch and go.
      The hastia project
  • Began as lines drawings on paper before there was widespread availability of naval architecural CAD programs.
  • Was lofted on the barn floor.
  • Barn built as a hand-laid fiberglass prototype
  • Tested in Lake Champlain and the Atlantic.
     Construction details included solid fiberglass cloth and woven roving below the waterline, a 2" balsa core in the tunnel, and Corex® coring in all other areas above. All glass was laid in vinylester resin.
     The hull, a split, modified-displacement design, reduces the wetted surface and wave resistance. It is easy to plane and eliminates the instability that some V-shapes produce. With a dry displacement of just 2,230 lb and maximum load of 4,750, it was easy to reach 50 mph with just 180 horsepower.

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