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Domain Name Registration FAQ

I am registering a new domain name with you. Who is the actual registrar?
      We partner with BulkRegister to register domain names.

Who owns the domain name?
      You own of the domain name. If you move your domain name to another web host, you are still obligated to pay harper the annual domain name fee.

Is my domain registration information public?
      Yes, the contact and registrant information on a .com, .net, .org, and .edu domain name is public record in the universally available Whois database. A domain name cannot be registered without all the required fields of contact information being complete. Other countries and other domain registration authorities may have other policies.
      It is possible to be somewhat anonymous by using your company name and corporate positions (rather than the individual names) as registrants.

How do I manage my domain information?
      We handle changes to the account information at no charge for customers who purchased their domain name from harper .

I now host my web site with a new company. How do I manage the domain name I purchased?
      We handle changes to the DNS server information and domain ownership information at no charge for customers who originally purchased their domain name through harper but have since moved to another hosting company.

How do I transfer my domain name to harper if it is registered with Verisign/Network Solutions?
      Call or email for details. We will send a request to Network Solutions asking for the domain name to be transfered. Network Solutions will then send an email to the administrative contact currently listed for the domain name asking them approve or disapprove the transfer request. We will need your Verisign/NetSol account login name and password.
      Note that Verisign/NetSol typically refuses to allow transfers within the last month or more of your registration period. Please plan ahead.

How do I transfer my domain name to harper if it is registered with a company other than Verisign/Network Solutions?
      Most other registrars give you a login name and password so you can maintain your registration. We will login to your account at your registrar's web site and change the names and numbers of the Domain Name Servers (DNS) for your domain name to the new host. We will need your account login name and password.

Can harper register a .BIZ or .INFO domain name for me?
      Yes. We can register .biz, .info, .la, and .name domains as well as the popular .us domain. The .us registration costs are slightly higher than the standard ".com" and the cost to register the .la domain remains quite high. Click here for additional details about these gTLDs.

Can harper register a non-U.S. domain name for me?

Can harper host a non-U.S. domain name?
      Yes. However, you are responsible for registering the domain in the country you wish.


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