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Six Simple Rules for Virus Protection

    Many viruses and worms propagate by sending themselves to everyone in the addressbooks of your "known and trusted" associates.

» Run your virus protection program automatically and keep it up-to-date.

» Don't download email attachments you didn't expect, then don't accept attachments even from trusted sources without virus scanning.

» Don't use Microsoft e-mail products until they stop building products that enable viruses to run automatically.

» Keep macros disabled in ALL your Microsoft Office products, so that merely opening a file won't run a potential virus.

» Never execute a file sent to you by an unknown source (doesn't matter if it comes on disk or email).

» Don't pass on virus information until you've checked it at one of the reference sites. We waste more time spreading virus hoaxes and urban legends than fixing real virus damage.

     Educate your friends. When a friend sends you a virus warning, and it turns out to be a hoax, mail them this information so they learn to be wary of these things, too.

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