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How We Choose a Hosting Company

     We have a relationship with several excellent Internet companies. We have chosen these firms because they offer excellent service. Their uptime is exceptional. The Total Cost of Ownership (T-COW, a famous Vermont measure) is reasonable. And their features match what we want to offer.
     Here are a few features to look for in your web host:
  • Domain Name hosting (www.yourname.com)
  • Plenty of onsite storage
  • POP3/SMTP Mailboxes for your small business or family
  • CGI script support
  • Server Side Includes
  • Real Audio/Video Capabilities
  • Midi file support
  • Browser-based tools for account management with web usage statistics
  • Mailbox with Catchall Mail Routing so anything addressed to yourname.com goes to your mailbox
     These accounts feature up to 100 POP3 email addresses, unlimited "aliases" (mail addressed to the alias will go to the parent POP3 account--I usually call this "catchall mail routing"), plus unlimited mail forwarding to any other e-mail account on the Internet. Mail accounts can have free email Autoresponders. Each web directory contains a /cgi-local subdirectory for programming scripts.
     They support Microsoft Front Page. The included Shopping Cart works with ecommerce sites with less than 1000 items. Customers may add a MySQL database for a setup fee. MySQL is a Structured Query Language database that we will then make interactive on the site.
     The Remote Site Control Panel allows us to to view site statistics, raw log files, usage and error reports; page, directory and file hits; referring domains; browser stats and more. There are extra-cost options for more extensive reporting
     You may FTP any time to upload/download files and have anonymous FTP to allow users to anonymously download specific files.
     Finally, there is no activation fee applied to set up, upgrade, or downgrade an account.


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