Monthly Payment

      This little script is a calculator designed for mortgages but it is perfectly good for any loan that will be paid in equal monthly installments. These figures are an approximation only. Please do not call us if the bank comes up with different figures.
      Do not use commas or dollar signs when entering amounts in the table below.
      To use the calculator:
           Enter the loan amount or purchase price (less your down payment)
           Enter the current interest rate
           Enter the number of years for the loan
           (You may also enter taxes and insurance)

           Click 'Calculate'

Loan and Expense Information

Loan Amount: Annual Insurance:
Term (Yrs.): Annual Taxes:
Interest Rate:    


Resulting Payments

Monthly Principal and Interest 
Monthly Taxes
Monthly Insurance
Total Payment

Please note that this calculator uses Javascript formulae
that run in your own browser. It simply will not run in
some older browsers or if you have Javascript turned off.

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