Welcome to Inventioneering and SOHO support in the Green Mountain State.


      Our business sells intellectual property and time.
      "Selling time" means we do the things we are especially good at so you are free to continue your own projects.
      We will work with you to arrange a either a fixed price contract or a cost plus royalty contract for our work product. If we enter a work-for-hire agreement, we will probably charge by the hour. All works of art are priced separately; we charge a single fee or a royalty for one-time rights to publish most written copy. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect in hourly fees. We give free estimates.
Task Rate
Business Building: Engineering & Business Management, per hour $175
Product Design & Development, per hour $125
Software Installation and support,
Articles and other copy writing, per hour
Hardware Installation,
Engineering Services,
Other Technicians, per hour

      Travel time is billed at regular rates; billable travel expense includes mileage and accomodations.
      Long term relationships and major projects are typically negotiated. Note that most Vermont clients have contracted for better rates. Call for details.

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