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      Do you have a quality system in place? Are you planning to switch from the present ISO-9000 standards for quality management to the forthcoming ISO-9000:2000? The International Organization for Standardization will begin granting cetificates when the ISO publishes the new ISO-9000:2000 as an international standard in the fourth quater of 2000. Assessments based on the current draft version can be made through April 25.
      ISO-9000:2000 has reordered the 20 elements of ISO-9000:1994 into four major sections and given increased attention to service industries.
      Do you want ISO 9000 certification? You must document your existing quality system or create a system that follows the ISO standards. Compiling the manual and all its supporting documents absorbs more manhours than most smaller firms can muster.
      We work with your in-house team to verify your current system, create the documentation, and help you train every employee.
      Rather do it yourself? We also have a complete quality assurance manual (with supplemental operating procedures) for each ISO 9000:1994 family. The information is not simply a bunch of rewritten "ISO Compendium" sections. It is generalized from the systems we perfected with real manufacturers. The ISO-9000:2000 manuals will be available soon.

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