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Managing the Year 2000

Challenges Facing Small Business in Vermont

      Some of Vermont's smaller businesses faced some Y2K problems, but those problems have been less than the daily newspapers proclaimed last year.

We have helped several small businesses
develop and implement a rational Y2K plan

  • We checked the manufacturers' Y2K Compliance statements for finance, spreadsheet, and database software. Some required easy to install upgrades.
  • We checked every macro in each "compliant" spreadsheet. Most were fine.
  • We check every field in each "compliant" database. Some of our clients had used 2-digit date codes that needed repair.
  • We tested about 300 "heritage" computers and upgraded (or reset CMOS setups) as needed.
  • We tested manufacturing equipment from spectrometers to time clocks and upgraded as needed.
     Our clients run small networks and stand alone equipment. We support NetWare and NT client-server environments as well as peer-to-peer networks using both Personal Netware and W9x.

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