• Design with exotic
    reinforcements or "plain " fiberglass
  • Maritime toughness for grownup toys


Composite-based Consumer Products are Hot!

     Technology forecaster and author of Techno Trends Daniel Burrus named fiber reinforced composites in the two-dozen technological innovations that will shape the future. His other findings included neural networks, diamond thin films, and recombinant DNA engineering.

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     Passenger cars, construction, electronics, and consumer products are the fastest growing composites users. Boat builders already account for high content. Composite products are particularly well suited to the splash zone of boats, marine buildings and docks, and toys. The alternate air/water exposure is hazardous for most other materials.
     Come for the thrill of a new boat sliding down the ways. Stick around to snaggle some of the fastest, most efficient ideas like these:

  • High tech 30 foot hastia runabout: Prototyped 5 years ahead of the Wellcraft Genesis et al.
  • Jet-powered catamaran PWC: Prototyped 4 years before the Rage et al met the water.
  • Home improvement products (from a long list): a novel faucet, a circular saw conversion kit and the FRP SunShield.
     We specialize in composites of exotic reinforcements or "plain " fiberglass in thermoset resins. We will work with the right choice of materials:
  • Gel coats, ABS, styrene, or acrylic surfaces chosen for appearance and longevity
  • Tooling gel coats and engineered structures
  • Baltek, Corex, Klegecell and proprietary high tech core systems
  • Woven, bi-axial, and triaxial fabrics or continuous strand fiberglass reinforcements
  • Polyester, vinylester, and epoxy resins
Let some of our other product ideas get your juices flowing ...
  • AGV totes
  • A juicy red 6-foot Apple for point-of-sale display
  • Engine transport crates for safe and secure race engine shipping and storage
  • Large lightweight structural components
  • Marine accessories
  • Orthopedic chair adaptor
  • Photographer's developing sink/table
  • Removable sports car hardtop
  • Waterproof dockbox
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