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Email Spoofs

    Many viruses and worms propagate because recipients "click the links" in email. Often that mail appears to come from eBay or Paypal or from one of your "known and trusted" associates. Here are some very well done samples.

» eBay "member mail"
This is a slick spoof.
The "eBay sent this message! Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay" is eBay wording that does indeed (usually) allay suspicion. All the links but one go to legit eBay pages. The "Respond to this question in My Messages" actually went to an Update directory on mount.com.pl and undoubtedly does really really bad things. I changed that link on this sample.
The message didn't actually have my registered eBay name and it didn't come to my registered eBay email address but not many recipients would notice that. It would not surprise me at all to see a significant number of recipients get nailed on this one.
Be werry werry careful out there.


     Educate your friends. When a friend sends you a virus warning, and it turns out to be a hoax, mail them this information so they learn to be wary of these things, too.

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