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Registering your Domain

     Vermont artists, small businesses, and families may want more than "just a web page." We have contracted with a registrar to provide domain name registration service and can guide you to the best Vermont-based ISP and web host for your needs.
     We register and transfer Top Level Domain Names (those ending in .com, .net and .org) for our existing clients. We also handle gTLDs. See this FAQ for details. [The fine print: Because we are not simply a DNS registrar, we do not "resell" domain names for businesses or individuals with whom we do not have an ongoing relationship.]
     harper will search to make sure the domain name you want is available. We will then register and service an available domain name ending in .com, .net or .org for $20.00 U.S. per year. harper will not charge any other fee for the maintenance of your name, and you will not receive any separate bills from Verisign/Network Solutions or any other registrar. You may register for any number of years up to a maximum of ten. Payment must be made by at the time of registration.

Our services include the following:
     The harper registry server will submit an electronic registration for your requested domain name, and we will track its progress as the application is processed.
     harper will do all in its power to ensure that you receive your requested name, including any follow-up that may be required.
harper will e-mail you a confirmation to show that your domain name has been approved and registered.
     At your instruction, harper will promptly update your domain information, including name server entries, for no additional charge.
     harper acts as a service agent only. When we have registered your Domain Name, you own that Domain Name and assume all responsibilities for any future use, obligations, renewal fees, and so on, needed to maintain or modify that Name.
     At the end of your registration period, we will inform you and give you the opportunity to renew your Domain Name registration.

Domain Name Renewals:
     If you have registered a new domain with harper, we must charge the annual domain name registration fees when your domain name comes up for renewal. Even if harper no longer maintains or hosts your domain, we are still responsible for the maintenance and billing of the domain name renewal. If you transfer your site(s) to another hosting company but would like to keep ownership of the domain name you will need to pay this annual domain name renewal fee to harper Company.

     When you are a harper web services client, we will transfer an existing domain to our Registrar (if you request this service). The first year cost of the transfer cost is included in our plan and will extend your registration for one year.

Additional Services:
     Marketing: harper will integrate your online presence with your current marketing plan or assist you in crafting a workable marketing strategy that includes the Internet.
     Site design and maintenance: harper can create and maintain or teach you to create and maintain your online presence. Call for details.
     Web site hosting: harper can recommend two excellent web site hosting services.

     Answers to questions about ownership and management can be found in the Domain Name Registration FAQ


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