Welcome to inventioneering in the Green Mountain State.


     harper Company varies in size from very few employees to a lot (there, doesn't that give you confidence?) We normally offer expertise in consumer products, material handling systems, and composite materials. We create products, conceive equipment, and initiate technology leaps for manufacturing.
     Like most small firms, we do stray outside our specialty area, depending on our project load and what our people find intriguing this week. Straying has found Dick installing networks, Anne building mailing lists, Dave typing QC manuals, Karl and Tom laying fiberglass, Glen crafting product illustrations, and Ray videotaping a boat launch.
     In addition to our specialty area, we have more than 15 years of experience helping small businesses stay afloat. Here's the sales pitch for some of our "off topic" capabilities.

Application Support: Help you might still want to pay for.

Consultant's Page: This is the nitty gritty about rates

Free Application Support: Finding your own way to perfect your printed words.

Quality: Make the transition to ISO-9000:2000 and beyond

Training Services: We want you to pay us to teach you what you may already know

Y2K: The Hardware & Software Assistance you thought was too late.

     Don't forget, you can buy help from almost any consultant or think tank, but you might find the answer in our Support section first for free. As we teach and learn, we post short answers to frequently asked questions in almost as many fields as our North Puffin cows have.


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